CCTV Analysis

Forensic video analysis

is the scientific examination, comparison and/orĀ evaluation of video in legal matters.

Experts of Choice in cases involving CCTV related evidence

our Experts are an internationally acclaimed team of highly trained and experienced experts in forensic video analysis. They have been instructed in some of the world’s most complex and high-profile cases and are renowned for their expertise in the analysis and presentation of CCTV related evidence in Court proceedings.

Formally Trained in Forensic Video Analysis

our Experts have attended training in America and the UK and use the very latest equipment and forensic processes to deliver the very best evidence. They have been actively involved in the delivery of extensive training in both the acquisition and processing of CCTV to International Law Enforcement Officers.

Forensic Video Analysis,

albeit a relatively new science should nevertheless be undertaken through the application of scientific knowledge and methodology in association with the guiding four principles of balance, logic, robustness and transparency, upon which experts should base their opinions. In undertaking CCTV comparison work, any failure to test techniques or to demonstrate a clear understanding of limitations and levels of error can mean that apparent similarities may be of little, if any evidential value or significance.

The failure to test techniques

or to have a clear understanding of limitations and levels or error, can mean that many purported similarities may simply be of unknown significance. Any failure to produce a credible and reproducible technique for overcoming and/or making quantifiable allowances for the effect/impact of image distortions (motion blur or otherwise), the effects of compression, the existence of artefacts or the failure to recognise the limitations imposed by image resolution itself, means that there must therefore exist an inherent difficulty (or danger) in attaching any degree of confidence that apparent similarities (or differences) can accurately represent the underlying reality.

In order to accurately interpret the content of an image,

it is imperative that the analyst does not mistake artefacts of the imaging process as reflective of physical properties of the subject depicted. Resolution, compression, optical defects, lighting conditions, atmospheric conditions, aspect ratio issues, motion blur together with camera to subject geometry, among others, may introduce barriers to reliable interpretation. Of course, not all of the above issues are insurmountable for the skilled forensic video analyst; they are nevertheless real issues that require the ability to produce a credible and reproducible technique for overcoming and/or accounting/allowing for such issues.

CCTV Services include

Facial Mapping/Comparison, Clothing Identification
and Comparison, Vehicle Identification and Comparison, Reverse Projection/
Reconstruction, Photogrammetry, Image and video authenticity, Evidence recovery, Jury bundle production, Image and video annotation, court presentation. We provide a free consultation service on all CCTV related cases.