Digital Evidence

We have a very experienced and respected team of experts who are able to undertake the following work:-


Expert examination and opinion on mobile phones and other telecommunication equipment such as land-line phones and answering machines. Our simple and concise reports are designed to be easily understood by police officers, legal teams and ultimately the ordinary members of the public making up juries.

There are several levels of phone examinations from the simple traffic data download to the complex ‘hex’ read (recovering deleted or inaccessible data). Modern mobile phones can store photos, videos, emails, internet history and GPS (sat-nav) data, all of which can be recovered. We can also examine DECT ‘land-line’ phones and answering machines, which typically contain call logs and contact lists. Voicemail messages can be recovered for evidential purposes and we can read, remove or bypass lock codes on many models of handset.

Cell Site Analysis

Using data from mobile phone service providers, our experts can measure actual coverage utlilising sophisticated data gathering, positioning and analytical tools. The information gathered is used to generate detailed coverage maps where the service areas of individual cell sites are shown as different colours. Locate the user to a particular area at a particular time. Identify the movements of a user during a given time period and consider the feasibility of a user being at a particular location.

Satellite Navigation

The examination of all kinds of devices that incorporate GPS (Global Positioning System) or similar technologies. These range from common devices such as ‘Satnavs’ to covert tracking devices and hand-held navigation aids. The data recovered varies greatly between devices, but it is not uncommon to find histories of visited (or looked-up) locations, favourite or home location and sometimes time-stamped routes that the device has taken.

Reports can be provided on Compact Disc with both a printable report and data from the report presented in Google Earth ‘kmz’ file format. This allows detailed analysis of pertinent locations on an interactive map.

Deleted data may also be available; for example, TomTom devices typically have hundreds of deleted locations which may be recoverable.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the recognised process of identifying, extracting and
evaluating evidence from digital media contained on computer hard drives and
other such digital storage devices. Our Experts undertake Forensic Computer
Analysis on all types of digital storage devices. This can include desktop PC’s laptops, tablets, server units, internal hard drives and portable hard drives.